How Botox Can Help Treat Eyelid Spasms

Botox Treat Eyelids SpasmsThe Inner Glow AestheticsMD is unique because it is a Medical Aesthetic Rejuvenation spa run by Dr. Ilona Shternfeld, a Board Certified ophthalmologist.  Her surgical and medical training in this field give her a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and proportions. Dr. Shternfeld is also trained to treat blepharospasm. Eyelid spasms occur when one or both eyelids twitch or suddenly close. These movements are involuntary, meaning that they are out of your control. Spasms are different than eyelid twitches.  A twitch or a tic is a small movement usually caused by stress or being overly tired. They do not affect your vision.Botox can help treat Blepharospasm by relaxing the muscles around the  eyelids to stop the spasms and provide relief from this (annoying) condition. Symptom relief can last for months! Although there are alternative treatments for Blepharospasm, like oral medications, none have proven to be as effective.  As an Ophthalmologist, Dr. Shternfeld can help you with the safe and proven treatment option. If you are looking for relief from eye spasms, give her a call today!

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