ND Yag 1064 for Acne

Laser Acne Treatment

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Acne is a chronic skin condition most commonly seen in teenagers, but also often in adults. It’s cause is multifaceted, including hormones, diet, genetics. Acne can occur in the face and often on the neck, chest, back and arms, creating significant stress to acne sufferers. Due to the the large impact on quality of life, there is a great need for safe and effective treatments. Often, a combination of treatments is needed to best results.

In addition to multiple other options available Inner Glow AestheticsMD, we offer long pulsed NdYag1064 laser to help control acne and also reduce the appearance of acne scars. Significant reduction of acne is often seen after just one treatment. Treatments are comfortable and well tolerated, and because the NdYag is safe for darker skin types, these treatments are also possible for skin of color, unlike IPL. The laser has a double benefit of treating active acne and reducing the appearance of acne scars.

ND Yag 1064 Laser

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