Safe and Effective Laser Treatment for Cherry and Spider Angiomas Removal

Cherry angiomas are common benign skin growths that can develop on the face and body. Sometimes they appear in a cluster. They are reddish in appearance because they are a collection of small blood vessels. As they get bigger, they may appear like a dome.

Cherry angiomas Cherry angiomas can occur anywhere on the body, but most commonly are found on the torso. They can emerge as solitary spots or in clusters. The cause of cherry angiomas is not fully understood, but several factors seem to contribute to their development. Hormonal changes during pregnancy, aging, exposure to certain chemicals and genetics predispose people to these common little red bumps.

They are benign but won’t go away on their own. Sometimes they bleed when irritated, particularly by shaving.

Spider angiomas are also benign red skin growths but they have reddish extensions that spread out like spider legs, hence the name.

Cherry angiomas and spider angiomas can be safely be removed with lasers. The treatment is quick and comfortable, with no downtime. Sunscreen should be used after to protect the skin.

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