Why Choose an Ophthalmologist as Your Injector?

Choosing who will perform your aesthetic procedures is an important decision and people often take a long time before they trust anyone with their face. Experience, continuous education, positive online reviews and recommendations from friends/family are often factors.

Dr. Shternfeld is an Ophthalmologist with extensive injecting experience and training. She combines her knowledge of anatomy, training as a microsurgeon, love for continuous learning and taking care of patients to create subtle and elegant results.

Botox was initially used for people with uncontrollable eyelid twitching and ocular misalignment and her training in Botox started in 1997, before it was used for cosmetic reasons. Since then, she has trained repeatedly with world famous injectors and teachers, such as Dr. Cotofana, Dr. Arthur Swift, Dr. Leonie Schelke, Dr. Lee Walker, Dr. Stella Desyatnikova, and many more.

Botox Avon, CTThe most commonly placed area for Botox is the the forehead and potential complications include eyelid drop and brow drop. Ophthalmologists are trained in eyelid anatomy and surgery, and can recognize who is a risk for these issues, like people with heavy brows due to extra skin and underlying ptosis, or droopy lid.  Dosage and location placement need to be adjusted to help reduce the incidence of complications.

Another potential side effect of Botox is dry eye and many people already have this underlying condition.  Diagnosing, treating and preventing worsening of dry eye is another Ophthalmology specialty.

Fillers are a very safe and effective way to balance facial features, restoring and creating more optimal reflections of light from the face, thus making people look more rested and relaxed. Enhancing features without overemphasis to any one feature creates smoother transitions, so light is reflected, instead of caught sinking in valleys caused by aging changes. Dr. Shternfeld specializes in full face assessment, to create a natural look.

Being an Ophthalmologist, she takes care of many patients with dark under eye circles, which make people look tired. Choosing the right treatment is as important as doing the procedure correctly. Because not everyone is a candidate for tear trough fillers, it is very important to see a person well experienced in this area. Unfortunately, complications are more common in this area, as the anatomy is very complex, and Dr. Shternfeld sees patients from different states, who come to seek help.

Preventing complications is always a priority. Dr. Shternfeld has extensive training in cannula technique, to reduce bruising, swelling and reduce the risk of vascular events. The most serious complication of dermal filler is a vascular event, whereby filler enters an artery and prevents oxygen getting to the tissue. This can also result in vision loss, if the artery supply to the eye is compromised. Fortunately, these complications are extremely rare but preventing, recognizing and properly managing them results in best outcomes and increased patient safety. Dr. Shternfeld has trained in ultrasound technique to identify vessels and place filler more safely.

Botox and dermal fillers are great tools to help you look and feel your best with minimal downtime. Feeling confident in your injector’s aesthetic sensibility, attention to detail and safety, experience, and education in the latest techniques are all reasons to see Dr. Shternfeld. We look forward to taking great care of you.