Botox in Ophthalmology

Botulinum is a neuromodulator that has many uses, both medical and aesthetic. It binds to nerve receptors and interrupts the message being sent to the muscle, causing the muscle to relax. In the 1970’s, Ophthalmologists first used botulinum to treat crossed eyes and blepharospasm, or uncontrollable blinking. At this time, botulinum was called Oculinum and was then renamed to Botox. Botox is one of multiple brands of Botulinum A toxins that are now FDA approved.

In the 1980’s, Jean Carruthers, an ophthalmologist, realized that botulinum relaxes wrinkles. She and her husband, Alastair Carruthers, a dermatologist, did many studies to show the efficacy of the drug and met with great success. In 2002, Botox was FDA approved for treatment of the 11’, the furrows between the eyebrows. The popularity of the treatment has grown exponentially, and several brands of botulinum have been FDA approved. Millions of treatments are done each year worldwide.

At Inner Glow AestheticsMd, we use Botox to treat various conditions that affect vision. These include lazy eye, eyelid twitching, migraines, drooping eyelids, and dry eyes.

Botox Treat Eyelids SpasmsBotox is currently used for many medical indications, such as migraines, teeth clenching, excessive sweating, uncontrollable blinking, bladder spasticity, cervical dystonia and others. Aesthetically, Botox can be used in the upper and lower face and neck. It is used to relax the horizontal lines between the brows, forehead lines, crow’s feet, the downturned smile, jowling, redness from rosacea and to improve skin quality in the neck, among other benefits.

Dr. Shternfeld is an Ophthalmologist and fellowship trained in eye movement disorders. Her training using Botulinum toxins started in 1997, during her residency at OSU. Extensive understanding of anatomy and years of experience bring many patients for both cosmetic and medical reasons to see Dr. Shternfeld.

Natural results, safety, respect for anatomy and great personal care are the mindset at Inner Glow AestheticsMD.

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