Don’t Forget The Neck

The neck is a frequent area of concern because it is quite often a “tell” of aging. Sun exposure causes damage to this delicate tissue, resulting in discolored and crepey skin. Prolonged use of near devices results in horizontal neck lines known as “tech neck”. The platysma, a superficial sheet like muscle in the neck, pulls down on the face, promoting jowling.

The gold standard is a surgical neck lift, but most people prefer to avoid surgery and its potential complications. Fortunately, multiple treatments are available to help treat and prevent worsening of neck issues.

Prevention is always the best way to go. Sunscreen applied and reapplied will reduce sun induced skin damage, preserve collagen and prevent loss of elasticity and skin discoloration. Also, ongoing proper skin care will help maintain healthy cell turnover, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and growths such as skin tags. Skin tags can be easily removed in the office. Any new skin growths should be checked to make sure they are not skin cancer.

Lasers and IPL (intense pulsed light) are used to remove the red and brown pigment changes caused by ultraviolet damage and resurface the skin.

Radiesse is a filler that also has collagen stimulating properties. Saline and lidocaine are added to it to create Hyperdilute Radiesse, which has been extensively studied. It can be injected into the neck, knees, arms and other areas. This is a very comfortable in-office procedure. A series of 3 treatments is recommended and results are seen in a month. The skin quality is improved, with better tone and texture. Radiesse has great longevity and results last for several years. Maintenance is recommended for best results.

Microneedling is another well-established method to induce collagen and tighten the neck and improve skin tone. After topical numbing, an FDA cleared microneedling device, the Skin Pen, is used to create controlled depth micro puncture of the skin. The healing response promotes the fibroblasts to make collagen and elastin. A series of 3 treatments, one month apart, is usually needed for best results. Acne scars and skin discoloration are also improved with this treatment.

Botox is not just for the elevens and the forehead. After 20 years of using Botox safely for aesthetic purposes, we have greatly expanded our understanding and now place it in many other locations.  Botox not only relaxes muscles, thereby reducing wrinkles, but also shrinks pores and improves skin quality. That’s why it gives the glass skin appearance in the face, reducing redness, sweating and acne.

Botox in the neck is a painless and safe way to create a more elegant neck, reduce and prevent jowling, and also reduce tension/ improve range of motion. Starting Botox in the neck at an earlier age is a great way to flatten the aging curve, prevent neck bands and reduce jowling.

Combination treatments, such as Hyperdilute Radiesse, microneedling and Botox give the best results.

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